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Kadide Long-term committed to environmental plastic packaging material development and production of new materials, A patented product "green static dissipative polystyrene material" has been widely For electronic packaging tray; the company developed high-matte HIPS modified material, widely Used in high-end mobile phone box; the company's innovative research and development of high-impact transparent Polystyrene material on electronic packaging carrying sheet has also been a good application.

主要特性Key Features

材料塑化好,适合挤出片材加工Good the material, Suitable for extrusion sheet

优异的冲击韧性Excellent the impact toughness
环保无卤Halogen-free Environmentally


电子芯片包装托盘Electronic chip packaging tray

移动电话包装盒Mobile phone boxes
电子消费产品包装盒 Consumer electronics boxes

电子载带Electronic carrier tape

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